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Package design geek

Around 2005, I started wanting to create designs that supported Hokkaido’s agriculture, and whenever I met people I said that out loud, and for some reason, my work in the food industry started to increase, which is where I am today.
I’ve been hearing the word branding a lot lately, but I really think I like package design. I guess the reason why I prefer to call myself a graphic designer rather than an art director is because I want to work directly with my hands. Package design is a job that I didn’t really want to do when I was younger because there’s a lot of content to display and it takes a lot of time, but now I can’t help but want to create it. It’s a strange thing.
Package design is the job of creating a first impression. Express the atmosphere inside according to the product. The key point is that the product looks different from competing products. In other words, differentiation. If someone is interested in you the first time you meet them, they’ll definitely buy it, but if they don’t like it after trying it, they won’t try it again. People will only buy something based on the appearance of the package once. The role of design ends there.
However, many of the products I’ve designed so far are delicious or have new perspectives, and I’m really grateful because people buy them over and over again. If the product continues to sell well, the lifespan of the design will be extended. If a product is delicious and people come back to it repeatedly, they will see it at their dining table over and over again, so I try to create a design that makes them feel good, but I don’t want a decorative design that looks fancy. It’s hard to feel comfortable. Well, I’m not good at making artistic things to begin with. I believe that “design without design” is perfectly fine if the quality of the product can be conveyed. I like minimal and simple things.