Terashima Design Co.

  • ノースファームストック 北海道ソース




  • AD,D Masayuki Terashima


North Farm Stock's Hokkaido sauce comes in a slightly unusual stand-up pouch. I wanted to hide the top part of the dish because it's vertically long and the soft sauce tends to come down. I made it so that you just cut a hole in a piece of paper and put it over the top, giving it a sturdy shape. With the logo in gold foil, this cover is sure to catch the eye. The text on the container is a transparent sticker so as not to hide the contents. It's better to convey the deliciousness even a little. And since using white ink on transparent film wouldn't transfer the color properly, I stamped it with white foil to make it easier to read. I'm sure people will appreciate this type of sauce because there aren't many containers that allow it to be poured directly onto food.