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寺島デザインポスター展 2007










◎秋田 寛 ◎植原 亮輔 ◎古平 正義 ◎澁谷 克彦
◎新村 則人 ◎杉崎 真之助 ◎はせがわさとし
◎服部 一成 ◎日高 英輝 ◎平林 奈緒美 ◎廣村 正彰
◎永井 裕明 ◎仲條 正義 ◎山田 英二 ◎渡邊 良重

We held a poster exhibition on the second floor of IWASE building in which our office is located from August 24th to 31st, 2007. Nine designers except me, Terashima, from our office and a guest designer, Kaori Kojima designed about five posters each. I asked fifteen art directors from areas such as Tokyo to review those works.

The total number of posters amounted to 70 and the top 30 works were shown at the exhibition. Of course, each poster did not bear artist’s name on it to ensure fair competition. This could have possibly created a situation where some of the artists’ works were not shown at the exhibition.

When I saw our designers working on their posters during work break, they looked very serious. I guess the pressures on them were pretty strong.

We counted points for each work based on the rankings given by the judges. The top 30 posters were exhibited in order of total points with comments from judges attached. Those comments were all very helpful for graphic designers and students who want to be designers.

Also, I hope the exhibition was a good opportunity for the general public to see the fun of graphic designs by watching posters with explanations.

Fortunately, more than 170 people attended the opening party. The number of visitors to the exhibition totaled about 620. I would like to thank to all the people who visited the exhibition.